You can have me on your crew
Captain, let me be your navigator. I know these waters.

While I’m spending the majority of my time on pushing my own ventures forward, I love supporting other entrepreneurs in starting their own companies. The reason for this is simple: My passion for turning ideas into reality is so strong that I would love to handle five businesses at once. But I don’t have the time for it. Coaching others with a few hours a week allows me to feel a part of their venture while having enough time left to run two or three of my own.

I take pride, not equity
Seeing business ideas come to life is what truly drives me

My passion is for the early phase from idea to first paying customers when everything is to be gained, or lost. See below how I was able to help out founders like you.

SOS Nachhilfe

Since Jan 2016

Met Christian at Startup Weekend and realized that this guy was truly committed to starting his own business. Coached him on the Lean Startup methodology. Helped him shape the product offering. Supported him in finding the right tools to build a website with booking mechanism. Found him a designer for the logo. Created his first ad for Google AdWords. Supported him in growing his customer base, refining his product offer, building his managing team, pitching the company to potential cooperation partners and growing his monthly revenues to more than CHF 7,000. Had fun along the way and decided to stay on as advisor...check back for updates.

Improve your skills in math, science and languages.

Woop Woop Ice Cream

Apr 2015 – Jul 2015

Got invited for an ice cream. Fell in love with milkrice-cinnamon-pear-almond ice. Joined founders. Ran customer segment analysis. Implemented loyalty cards for A/B test of overall concept. Ran customer interviews that clarified the product's unique selling proposition.

Chunky, creamy, fresh and funky!

How to get in
If you're a hustler committed to your idea, you've already qualified. Congratulations!

If you can say “yes” to all of these questions, book me for a free first coaching session.
– I have a business idea with no or few paying customers
– I want to find out in 100 days or less, whether the idea is viable
– I am ready to commit 10+ hours a week for the next 100 days (14 weeks)
– I am ready to commit up to EUR 3000/ CHF 3250/ CAD 4500 in budget & coaching fees (coaching is <20%)

The 100 Day Startup is an intense coaching course, where we get together once a week to help you figure out what to focus on and what to leave to the side. On day 100, you will either have validated your business idea by getting the first paying customers who are not your mum, or you will have found out why the idea might never take off. Better take 100 days to find out, than daydream about it for ten years! Get started by booking the first free coaching session after which you can decide whether you want to go the full 100 days.

Have a question? Shoot me an email at contact(at)