Hi, I’m Armin. Entrepreneur and risk-rider. I love turning ideas into reality. And maple bacon.
Below you will find the startups that I am, or used to be, active in.

Where the rubber hits the road
Currently I am investing my hands, brain and money into the following ventures


Since Nov 2015

Started coaching founder. Liked his customer-centric approach & saw huge potential in his idea. Turned from coach to co-founder. Helped set up customer sign-up, customer feedback loop and payment process. Built Facebook followership to 100. Ensured liquidity and runway by creating and overseeing the company's overall budget. Launched Facebook ads. Iterated ads, landing page and customer sign-up process until conversion reached 3+%. Acquired 7+ of the largest German paleo bloggers as cooperation partners. Increased retention of subscription product to 3+ months by developing and iterating the product’s value proposition, Facebook ads, landing page and sign-up process. Cut workload per customer by 10x by leading development and deployment of software ...check back for updates.

Enjoy cooking, not prepping.

Custom Cooler Bros.

Since Jul 2015

Decided to get a Canadian visa by building a Canadian company. Convinced the founding brothers to re-start their business online. Developed concept for webshop, got it coded and launched. Ran Facebook ads that generated first sale. Ran Google Ads that generated second sale. …check back for updates.

Show 'em to me, buddy.


Since Nov 2013

Got call from a friend: “You’ll like this!” Liked it. Developed a donation-based new business model. Joined the founding team. Learned how to grow Kenyan trees in my bedroom. Started giving away trees for donations. …check back for updates.

Help saving our world, today.

Going Strong
I have withdrawn from day-to-day business in these


Jan 2014 – Jan 2017

Was amazed by the product and the founders' emphasis on fairness and transparency. Applied for a job that didn't exist. Joined the founding team. Invested. Set up inventory management. Acquired two Tier 1 customers. Ran first profitable online Google AdWords campaign. Halved inventory while sales increased sixfold. Expanded inventory tools and processes to also track current sales, as well as allowing to place and prioritize production orders. Built feedback loop from final consumers with 35% response rate, which led to product improvements that drove net promoter score to +63.8. Negotiated seed investment (no deal). Sowed Scandinavian and North American markets. Led the company from a sharp decline to growth and the most successful Christmas quarter since its founding. Handed over daily operations.

Take me to Nomadistan!


Since Mar 2014

Got convinced a fairer world is possible. Invested.

A fair deal for everybody.

Lessons Learned
These ones didn't work out.


Feb 2014 – Nov 2015

Got frustrated with traditional media and their lack of a viable future. Developed new business model for journalism. Found co-founders. Acquired first author and first paying customers within 24 hours of launch. Built and motivated a stunning team. Grew paying customer base to 100. Led first product releases. Negotiated seed investment. Rebranded. Wasn't able to build sufficient commercial traction. Lost two of three co-founders. Handed the brand over to the investors.

Independent Journalism? YES!

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